Why do you need to know about
data protection?

Because it affects every one of us.

Mission Statement

The Data Protection Society has been formed to help ordinary members of the public to:

  • understand data protection
  • obtain their personal data
  • make sure their data are accurate
  • obtain rectification of any data which are inaccurate.

Our Web Site explains the basics in simple terms and explodes some myths. We aim to help what are known as ‘data subjects’ - every individual in the Country including you! We don’t provide help for ‘data controllers’ - those who use the personal data of others, such as banks, insurance companies, mobile phone companies, credit reference agencies, supermarkets and the various branches of Government and local government. They have their own experts to help them!



Nothing to hide? Nothing to worry about! Really? 


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We are endeavouring to update the site with the 2018 Act but this takes time to rewrite so PLEASE bear with us.  DPS